What the Heck Is VelaShape® III?

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Among all the fat reduction/body shaping treatments available on the market these days, you might have heard VelaShape® III pegged in with some of them. Of course, the most widely-known procedure is Liposuction, but there are a whole series of nonsurgical alternatives that are becoming increasingly more effective—and popular—in doctors’ offices across the United States, as modern medicine advances more and more.

Between treatments like CoolSculpting, VelaShape and Venus Freeze, it’s now possible to get a procedure that’ll help you reduce that hard-to-combat fat and tone your body up, but sans the scalpel.

One of the best nonsurgical body shaping treatments these days is VelaShape® III. Here’s what you need to know about it before you schedule an appointment:

What Is VelaShape® III?

Much like the treatments listed above, VelaShape® III is a non-invasive, nonsurgical procedure. But whereas the above are intended for fat removal, VelaShape® III is used primarily to tighten, refine and contour. However, it also will remove some fat.

On Which Parts of the Body Is VelaShape® III Most Effective?

Tightening your thighs is one of the most effective ways in which VelaShape® III can be used. But it doesn’t just work there. Use VelaShape® III on your arms, chin, abdomen, buttocks and anywhere else you want to shape up a bit.

How Does it Work?

In a nutshell, VelaShape® III uses infrared light and radio energy to reduce cellulite. The device is moved across the area of your body that needs treatment, and a vacuum helps move your tissue up, which allows the heat from the infrared light to work more effectively. All in all, the procedure feels like a massage. There is no pain involved.

The procedure causes more oxygen than normal to be released to the fat cells around the area where you’re receiving treatment. That oxygen mixed with the infrared heat causes an increase in metabolism, which reduces those fat cells and allows them to break down and shrink.

I’m best known for my varicose vein treatments to Philadelphia patients, but I also offer VelaShape® III, and have been seeing outstanding results in all of my clients! Get in touch if you’re interested in the procedure, and we’ll talk and figure out if VelaShape® III is right for you!