The Facts About LaserCap Treatment

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If you’re suffering from hair loss, you’ve probably done some research in hopes of figuring out how to wake those lazy follicles up. And if that’s the case, you’ve undoubtedly seen every advertisement in the book for OTC treatments, most of which make strong claims about their effectiveness. Maybe you’ve even tried one or two of them, only to discover that whichever product you used was about as effective as rubbing snake oil on your scalp.

The good news is, there truly are treatments out there that work. However, they aren’t any of the ones available over the counter.

LaserCap is a slight exception to that rule. First of all, it’s not as time-consuming as an in-office treatment, because the approach is intended to be used on your own time. So, like an OTC product, you don’t have to trek out to a doctor’s office every time you’re due for a treatment.

But don’t go running off to CVS just yet, because you do need to attain one through a doctor, initially. If you’re interested, get in touch, and I’ll be glad to sit down and go over whether or not LaserCap makes sense for you.

Before we have that conversation, take a gander at these facts about the treatment, so you’re not scratching your head over how it works.

What Exactly Is LaserCap?

It’s an in-home laser hair regrowth treatment intended for personal use. LaserCap is kind of like a laser comb, except far more convenient, because it’s 100% hands-free. Like a laser comb, it utilizes low-level laser therapy to help stimulate regrowth. Aside from its convenience, many folks are attracted to its discreetness, too.

How Does LaserCap Work?

Every LaserCap comes equipped with 224 diodes that output 5mW of power at a wavelength of 650nm.  It fits snugly under any cap, allowing you to discreetly utilize the treatment at your convenience—even if you’re on the go. LaserCap treatment should be used every other day (four times a week), in 30-minute intervals.

What Are Some Benefits of LaserCap?

One major plus of LaserCap is that it can be used in conjunction with other treatments, so if you’re already using, say, Propecia, Minoxidil or PRP therapy, LaserCap will make a great supplement. It’s also effective as a stand-alone treatment. Also, LaserCap is discreet and convenient. It won’t interfere with your life because it’s portable, and will be hidden from sight. Whether you’re cooking dinner or surfing the web at home, picking the kids up from school, or even out on the golf course, you can use your LaserCap simultaneously.

While my practice is most widely known for treatments pertaining to spider vein removal to patients around Philadelphia, my hair loss therapies are growing in popularity. Since hair loss is stemmed from a number of causes in individuals, it’s not universally appropriate to use. While it does make sense for the majority of those who want to see regrowth, it’ll make the most sense for you to consult a physician before making a purchase. If you think LaserCap may be the right treatment for you, get in touch with my office, and we’ll go over your options.