“I was petrified of having my legs injected with needles, etc. OMG! What a relief. There was no pain AT ALL! I am beside myself with gratitude. Not only did Dr Shiloh remove my varicose veins with complete comfort and ease, he also found the source that was causing my vascular problem. He suspected Mays-Thurner syndrome (also known as iliac vein compression syndrome) and sent me for a cat scan and, lo’ and behold…he was right! So he will also treat my problem at the source, thus eliminating the culprit of my poor circulation all my life! Other doctors I went to for initial consultations wanted to remove my veins and didn’t bother to dig further for the cause. So the veins would have kept returning. Shame on them. I’m blown away. I have no words to express my gratitude! Dr Shiloh ROCKS! Don’t go to anyone else. And his staff is precious and make you feel like family.” – Kimberly Dawn

“For years my left leg had severe varicose veins, swelling, fatigue and pain. Due to the line of work that I am in, i am on my feet all day. I knew it was time to do something about it, that’s when I contacted Dr. Shiloh. I scheduled a consultation with him and right away after he explained the procedure, I knew I wanted him to do it. Since then my leg feels great, no pain, no fatigue, no swelling and varicose veins are gone. I highly recommend him.” – Tom Gorman

“I had a very large varicose vein on my right leg, that seemed to be getting larger with time that needed attention. I went looking on the internet to see my various options and by chance came across the Shiloh vein website. I was impressed that it was a family run office that was close by my house and the doctors credentials. The doctor had noted that I had one of the largest varicose veins he has removed. After the operation everything went well and as expected, I was always welcome with extra follow up office visits when needed.
I’d like to thank all the people with Shiloh vein for all they did for me. Everyone was so helpful making sure I was being taken care of. Everyone from the procedure to handling the insurance payment made the experience go smoothly, they even had a very nice Christmas party at the office that I was invited to.
Thank you again to everyone with Shiloh Vein Institute – Leonard Zapf

“7 years ago I became a mother. I also became a woman with the beginnings of varicose veins Each pregnancy they got worse and worse which also made me more and more modest haha, nothing above the ankle for this lady Yesterday, I had one leg treated with an ablation and it was PAINLESS! I started to get super nervous while they were setting up and I wanted to run away haha. The nervousness was the worst part and the. I started to relax. People, I can’t recommend this enough! It literally took about an hour start to finish. I need to hurry and get the other leg done since we are having such a great summer this winter So I get some daisy dukes, KIDDING!” – Haylee M

“I had several varicose vein procedures by the age of 35.  Soon after, I suffered side effects such as swelling of the ankles and feet, red itchy patches, and more varicose veins came out around the ankles. The worst problem that I developed was ulcers all around my ankles.  Over the years they became worse.  I didn’t think that anything could be done but I went to my primary care physician to take a look. He recommended Dr Shiloh.  My primary doctor said that if Dr Shiloh couldn’t cure my problem then no one could.  He said that Dr Shiloh was an expert in vascular procedures. I made an appointment, and after 3 procedures the ulcers are gone, along with the swelling of the feet.   I had found out that the ulcers were the highest stage numbered you can get.”
Thank you Dr Shiloh! – Ed L.

“When the pressure in my legs and the sight of my bulging veins was no longer tolerable I looked for professional help.
That searched led me with confidence to Dr. Aaron Shiloh at S.V.A.I. After my thorough consultation with Dr. Shiloh I knew it was time and I was comfortable going through with the procedure. I’m very happy to say that the issues I was having with my legs are no longer a concern. I can stand for an extended time without painful discomfort and I also feel confident wearing shorts in public.” – Jesse.

“I was so nervous about getting Botox and Juvederm, but Dr. Shiloh really put me at ease with his expertise and obvious knowledge. This was the first time I’ve had Botox and I already asked him “Do I need it again?” The results are very natural looking and I would like to thank Dr. Shiloh for making me feel better about myself.  I am so happy that I decided to go to Shiloh Vein & Aesthetics Institute.” – Sara W.

“I recently visited the Shiloh Vein and Aesthetics Institute in the hopes of ridding myself of some unwanted wrinkles. When I arrived I met Dr. Shiloh who took the time to speak with me about my various concerns and questions. He was both kind and considerate of my needs. When and only when I was comfortable he proceeded with the injections which were completely painless. I am very happy with the choice I made to try Dr. Shiloh and would highly recommend his office to anyone who is looking to try Botox. My results were amazing and I finally feel comfortable with showing my forehead area which I was so self-conscious about before.  I will be going back and can’t wait for my next treatment.” – Maria N.

“Doctor Aaron Shiloh is one of the most reliable, dependable, honest doctors that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He was very thorough in explaining to me the process of the botox injections that he gave me and I felt very comfortable and reassured that I was in good hands. The results are amazing and I am so pleased with his work! I would recommend anyone that wants Botox injections to use his services!” – Lisa L.

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