Subtle Lip Enhancements With Juvederm Volbella: FAQs

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Juvederm is a popular family of injectible fillers from the same fine folks who make Botox and Kybella. The FDA-approved product has turned the heads of doctors and patients alike since release, due to its superior ability to produce not-too-blatant, subtle results.

I’m pleased to add Volbella onto my roster of skin enhancement, vein, weight and hair loss treatments for Philadelphia-area patients. These are the most frequently asked questions I get about our newest offering.

What’s unique about Volbella?

FDA-approved Juvederm Volbella is an injectible treatment just like its siblings, but it’s designed to be administered into your lips. Aside from other nonsurgical treatments that attempt to make the lips much fuller, Volbella is great for patients who don’t desire such a drastic result. Your lips will look better than ever before, and no one will know you got an injection.

Does it Hurt?

Not more than a normal shot like you’d get at the doctor’s office. If needed, we can numb your lip with some ice, but anesthesia isn’t necessary. The lidocaine in a Juvederm shot works brilliantly to remove pain and discomfort.

How many weeks should I plan to take off work for this?

None. This is a one and done, drive home and get right back to life after the injection type of situation. That means there’s no recovery or downtime. In that regard, a Volbella treatment is no different than, say, a trip to the grocery store or hair dresser.

Is there an age limit for injections?

Yes. Just like you have to be 21 to get a shot at the bar, you have to be 21 to get a shot at my practice. The good news is, Volbella is safe for most people—after they reach the appropriate age. However, pregnant and nursing women should not receive treatments. During your consultation, we will review your medical history and determine if any rare allergies prevent you from being able to take Volbella.

Touch base today and we’ll talk about whether Volbella is right for you!

Juvederm injections are one treatment in a full lineup of services we offer, including varicose vein procedures, nonsurgical weight loss treatments and hair restoration. Browse through our site to learn about every service available here at SVAI!