Spider Vein Treatment

Best Treatment for Varicose & Spider Veins in Bucks County

Spider veins are the small blue and purple vessels that appear on the surface of skin, whereas varicose veins are their more exaggerated and gnarled-looking counterparts. At Shiloh Vein and Aesthetics Institute, we can treat these veins using foam sclerotherapy in the Philadelphia, Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA area.

Varicose Veins Removal in Montgomery County, PA

Foam sclerotherapy injections, a minimally invasive treatment, is one of the best treatments for varicose and spider vein removal. It works similarly to conventional sclerotherapy injections and is an alternative to surgery and laser vein removal. The diseased vein is injected with a solution that encourages vein closure. The same drug that is used in conventional sclerotherapy is also used in foam sclerotherapy by way of emulsion, which is created by mixing air with the conventional chemical, resulting in the foam solution. This solution provides better results using less drug concentration that conventional sclerotherapy, and it appears that it has a greater effect on the inner wall of the veins being treated. Patients who choose foam sclerotherapy often need few treatment sessions as opposed to those who undergo conventional sclerotherapy or laser treatment.

Foam sclerotherapy injections treat patients with medium to large varicose veins and spider veins. This treatment is effective on larger vessels since it displaces blood, allowing for better contact between the vein walls and the drug. The largest varicose veins are best treated with surgery (and sometimes laser treatment), but foam sclerotherapy vein removal works on many patients with large varicose veins.

Unlike surgery, this treatment is minimally invasive, which means there is little to no downtime after its completion. Patients are able to return to normal activity the same day as the treatment in our Bucks County office, which is conveniently located near Philadelphia and Montgomery County, PA. Wearing compression garments, elevation, and light exercise promote healthy circulation and are recommended after foam sclerotherapy treatment. Results are not immediate and more injections may be required. In some cases, veins may look darker than before treatment; however, the darkness should fade within a week.

Laser Varicose Vein Treatment in Philadelphia

Spider vein and varicose vein removal does not inhibit patients from returning to regular activities at all. Once the treatment is finished, patients may return to any and all activity right away, which makes sclerotherapy preferable to surgery. The results of the treatment may take weeks to months to appear. Many times a patient will require a series of sessions to achieve the fullest, best results. Occasionally, veins that have been treated with sclerotherapy will need a final laser treatment to close off the vein

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