SmartLipo & The Silhouette Lift

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We’re very excited about the upcoming merger between SVAI and The Center for SmartLipo. Our new transition means a series of all new procedures and treatments that our clientele will now have easy access to, two of which are Silhouette Lift and SmartLipo.

When we fully join practices with Dr. Goldfarb’s superior team at The Center for SmartLipo, our current patients will be able to obtain the same line of treatments they’ve turned to SVAI for, as well as gain access to a variety of new procedures.

In other words, if you come to SVAI for something like a hair restoration treatment, yet you’re also interested in SmartLipo, you can make our offices your one stop facility for minimally invasive procedures.

But what are SmartLipo and Silhouette Lift anyway? Here are the basics.


SmartLipo is similar to liposuction, however it acts as a less invasive yet more effective updated version. The main difference? Where liposuction outright removes unwanted fat, SmartLipo liquefies it first, making it easier to draw out with a much smaller incision than usual. That’s why it’s the most effective minimally invasive procedure available today.

Smartlipo uses cutting-edge laser technology to remove unwanted fat from a variety of areas of the body that exercise and diet don’t seem to combat effectively.

Read up on more details about SmartLipo here.

Silhouette Lift

A wonderfully effective facelift without the use of general anesthesia or downtime is the name of the game with the Silhouette Lift.

A new application using tried and true components, Silhouette Lift uses biocompatible sutures (that have been used for other treatments in the body for many years) to give patients a long lasting natural facelift with minimal intrusion and incision.

The procedure takes less than an hour, and requires only a 2 day resting period. After that you’ll be free to resume your lifestyle as usual, and after just two weeks its effects will be fully apparent.

From spider veins to facelifts, SmartLipo and Juvederm in Philadelphia, we have it all under one roof through our merger with The Center for SmartLipo. Contact us today to get started on an all new you!