Say “No More” to Varicose Veins With Help From VenaSeal

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For many patients, varicose veins or spider veins are more than a cosmetic problem. Beyond the embarrassment of their legs not looking as good as once before, varicose veins can lead to discomfort, aching and more serious types of pain. Furthermore, they often indicate other problems related to poor circulation.

But there’s no need to worry, because now you have access to VenaSeal.

VenaSeal is a highly effective option. You’ll never have to undergo a vein treatment in vain again, because the bottom line is, VenaSeal actually works. If you already know me for the hair restorations I provide to Philadelphia-area patients, but you’re not familiar with my other services, read on to learn more about VenaSeal, then browse on to discover everything SVAI has to offer!


What Is VenaSeal?

We’ve established that VenaSeal is a treatment for eliminating varicose veins, but how exactly does it do that? Good question. VenaSeal is different from other options insofar as it uses a cutting edge adhesive technology to deliver a quick, painless and effective experience.

How it Works: At the beginning of the procedure, I’ll deliver a numbing agent in the leg to be treated. After the quick stick, you will experience numbing and no further discomfort. Next, I’ll insert a tiny tube into your leg, which will deliver the medical-grade adhesive to parts of the affected veins. After the adhesive is administered and the catheter comes out, we’ll give you a bandage and you’ll be on your way.

VenaSeal vs. Radiofrequency: Of the methods available for treating varicose veins, VenaSeal causes absolutely no rumbling of the leg—unlike radiofrequency.

No Downtime: After the procedure is over, you’ll be able to go right home. Since VenaSeal is so minimally invasive, all you’ll need is a bandage and a few minutes to wind down before you can get back to life as normal. It’s so painless, one of my patients was even out playing competitive tennis the day after treatment once!

No Compression: Most varicose vein treatments and surgeries require the use of compression stockings for a period of time following the procedure. But that’s not necessary with VenaSeal You’ll just need a bandage for a little bit.


Why Choose SVAI?

Patients from far and wide choose SVAI to have various procedures completed, from our weight loss program to the hair loss treatments we provide in Greater Philadelphia, and everything in between. The VenaSeal varicose vein procedure is no exception. But why choose me? As for VenaSeal, I’m the only doctor in Bucks County who offers it. I also have more experience delivering the treatment than any other doctor in the area.

Ready to get rid of those varicose veins the easy way? We look forward to seeing you!

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