Meet Our New Aesthetician!

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As we continue to grow, we’re constantly in search of new ways in which we can improve the services that SVAI offers. And one of the things we’ve wanted to do is provide our patients with more facial aesthetic services.


So, we’re onboarding an exceptionally talented facial specialist into our practice. But don’t think our varicose vein laser treatments, and other procedures that you’ve come to know and love are going anywhere! We’re simply adding new facial services on top of all that.


Without further ado, meet our new Aesthetician, Lisa Kevitch, and help us welcome her to the Dr. Shiloh team!


About Lisa


Lisa Kevitch is a licensed Aesthetician, and will be joining us to provide facial aesthetic services to our patients. She brings with her 15 years of experience in medical skincare, and a plethora of knowledge regarding facial treatments and procedures. Before joining us, Lisa was a skincare educator who trained physicians’ offices nationwide on dermaplaning and facial rejuvenation. She makes it a priority to understand the individual needs of her patients, and she is highly dedicated to providing the best possible care to every one of them.


Specialty Peels


Under the direction of Lisa, we’ll now be offering these medical-only corrective peels:


Advanced Corrective Peel


For: Melasma and sun damaged skin


More Info: The Advanced Corrective Peel is the ideal chemical peel for diminishing discolored skin caused by sun damage. Consisting of an exclusive combination of clinical acids, Advanced Corrective Peel is much more effective than any comparable over-the-counter product. After undergoing a relatively short regimen, this peel will leave your skin even, fresh and glowing.


MicroPeel Plus 20/MicroPeel Plus 30


For: Busting blemishes, acne and pigmentation lesions


More Info: The 20 and 30 in the names of these products refer to their salicylic acid percentages, respectively. The MicroPeel Plus family of peels is designed to reduce sebum production, and in turn, reduces fine lines, the appearance of pore size, acne breakouts and improves overall skin texture.


MicroPeel 20/MicroPeel 30


For: Aging prevention


More Info: Where the MicroPeel “Plus” line is designed primarily for combating breakouts, its sibling line is best used to prevent aging. Best of all, there is no downtime involved in the process (but you may experience a little bit of peeling for a few days following the treatment).


Sensitive Skin Peel


For: The day before/the day of a big event


More Info: Salicylic acid can work wonders on the skin, but it’s not ideal for everyone. Especially those with extra sensitivity. That’s where our Sensitive Skin Peel comes into play perfectly! It’s great for someone who may struggle to handle one of the other options, or for anyone who wants to give their skin an extra shine for a big event that night!


To learn more about Lisa Kevitch’s new offerings here at SVAI, or to inquire about our other services like varicose vein laser treatments, please get in contact with us. If you book now, we’ll be happy to offer you a free consultation.
And last but not least, welcome aboard, Lisa! We’re excited to have you here with us, and we look forward to future growth with you on the team.