Introducing the “Shiloh Treatment”

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Summer is finally here! While you wish you were saying “woohoo!” maybe more of a “womp womp” is in your vocabulary right now, because the few extra pounds you put on for winter warmth didn’t wash away with the spring showers…


Happens to the best of us. No worries, though!


I’m proud to announce and roll out the latest edition in the line of SVAI innovations: The Shiloh Treatment. By undergoing my new non-invasive regimen, you’ll be able to contour your body and have it looking great for the beach this summer.


Many patients know me for my hair regrowth services, like PRP treatments in Philadelphia, but today let’s break down the details of the Shiloh Treatment for body sculpting:


What is the Shiloh Treatment?

The Shiloh treatment is a three-part system involving VelaShape and UltraShape procedures. It starts with a round of VelaShape, then you’ll follow up with an UltraShape treatment a few weeks later, then we’ll cap it off with one more VelaShape procedure. You’ll be utterly impressed by how effective it is!


Since you might be unsure of what UltraShape and VelaShape are exactly, we’ll go over them in more detail.



We covered VelaShape in its entirety last month, but let’s review the important stuff again. It’s a nonsurgical procedure designed to sculpt the areas of your body that could use a little remodeling. It’s not a full-fledged weight loss procedure, like Liposuction, but rather, it uses infrared light and radio waves to reduce cellulite and shape up certain areas. It works best on your thighs, arms, chin, abdomen and buttocks. Best yet, it feels like a hot stone massage!



We covered the details on UltraShape back in April, but let’s reevaluate. UltraShape is similar to VelaShape in that it’s a shaping procedure, but rather than destroying cellulite, it instantly kills fat cells. It’s also noninvasive, much like VelaShape, so there are no cuts or recovery time involved. It also works instantly, but the full results take several weeks to kick in. Not long at all! Where VelaShape uses radio waves, UltraShape uses ultrasound technology. It also feels like a massage, and it’s most effective in killing fat around your outer thighs, abdomen and flanks.


Boom! Just like that, with a little bit of the old left-right-left jab, you’ll be looking in tip top shape in no time. Better yet, you won’t have to go under a scalpel, or undergo any pain or recovery time! Come on in, get the treatments, go back on about your day, then when the weekend hits go strut that great looking body!


It’s as easy as cake, but remember to try not to eat too many slices this summer. It’s a tough feat, but we believe in you!


And as always, whether you need spider vein, UltraShape or platelet rich plasma treatments in Philadelphia, or anything else, you know who to call.