Feel the Power of UltraShape Power

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The word power holds an abundance of meanings. Maybe it’s referring to one’s ability to achieve, a dominating force, or the great authority that a person or entity possesses. Whatever meaning it’s representing, the commonality is that power is synonymous with greatness. And here at SVAI, we refuse to settle for anything less than the best.


Enter the newest addition to our mighty line of treatments: UltraShape Power.


You already know about the lauded UltraShape procedure in general—as well as the variety of other noninvasive solutions we offer, like PRP treatment or spider vein removal—but the latest release from Syneron Medical is truly a force to reckoned with. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to decrease fat by 32% just like that? Well, with UltraShape Power, you can!


Let’s go over the details about our newest and most powerful procedure:


How UltraShape Power Works


A transducer is positioned over the areas of skin to be treated. After that, ultrasound energy delivers acoustic waves 1.5 centimeters underneath and creates hasty changes in pressure, causing the liquid between the unwanted fat cells to “bubble” up. Those pressure changes spark bubble implosions, which then causes fissuring and rupturing of the fat cells.


*But won’t that damage other things surrounding the fat cells too?*


Good question, but the answer is no! The acoustic waves are distributed at the ideal frequency for affecting fat cells only. Therefore, the other tissue that you don’t want to damage or rupture will be unharmed. Your blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue are safely protected and unscathed from an UltraShape Power treatment.


Results Timeframe


The results are relatively instantaneous, but for full effect, you’ll want to undergo approximately three treatments. We recommend doing them over the course of two weeks, so that’s about how long it will take to see full results.


What are the Benefits Over Other Treatments?



  • It’s nonsurgical – Unlike Liposuction, UltraShape involves no surgery. The lack of any cuts or incisions means no recovery or time off from work.
  • No discomfort – UltraShape is not a painful procedure.
  • No downtime – Results are instant!

Now isn’t that powerful? Touch base today to schedule an appointment and see how my practice’s offerings—from spider vein treatments to UltraShape Power—can transform you!


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