FAQ: Venous Skin Ulcers

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If you suffer from venous skin ulcers, know that you’re not alone. As a matter of fact, they’re the most common chronic skin condition, which means they have been heavily studied, and are highly treatable. However, they aren’t something to combat without the help of an experienced physician.

Are you one of the millions of people affected by venous leg ulcers? That’s OK! We’ll go over all you need to know about what they are, why they happen and how we can eliminate them.

Many people know me for my hair restoration treatments, but I also help many folks treat their venous skin ulcers, too. Read on, then give me a call, and we’ll make a plan.

What Are They?

Ulcers refer to specific kinds of skin wounds. Venous skin ulcers (which are most prevalent on the leg skin just above the ankles) happen when your leg veins don’t function properly, causing an ineffective circulatory system. They’re notoriously slow-healing, and will recur if not combated properly.

How Did I Get One?

You got one because your blood isn’t circulating properly, and you likely experienced one in your ankle area because that’s where the farthest reaches of the circulatory system lie. If your veins in that area are damaged or broken, a blood backup will happen, and could leak out, destroying the nearby tissue. From there, your ulcer will occur. But what caused your veins to become damaged in the first place? That’s a good question! Damaged veins most often arise from one or more of the following: Obesity, chronic smoking, inactivity/lack of exercise, blood clots, long periods of standing.

Are There Early Symptoms to Look Out For?

Yes! If you experience any of the following early symptoms, call me immediately so we can assess your situation:


  • Purple skin
  • Added thickness of the skin
  • Dryness
  • Itchiness


Chances are if we catch and treat the issue early enough, we can prevent an ulcer from occurring. Beyond the pain, open wounds are dangerous because they could lead to infection.

What Preventative Measures Can I Take?

There are myriad exercises you can work into your daily life that focus on circulating your blood. People 65 and older should pay special attention to their circulation, and follow some or all of these steps:

  • Prop your legs up above your heart when you lie down (pillows make for great props)
  • Wear compression stockings
  • Exercise regularly. You don’t have to run a marathon, but make sure you at least walk around at least once a day.

Whether I’m providing a Juvederm treatment or helping a venous ulcer patient heal, I want everyone to stay as healthy as can be. If you have a venous skin ulcer, or are on the verge of one occurring, schedule an appointment today and we’ll treat the issue!