Class Is About to Begin

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As a leading interventional radiologist with 15 years of experience (3 of which he’s run a successful private practice) under his belt, Dr. Shiloh and SVAI bring the Philadelphia area some of the nation’s best available minimally invasive treatments on a regular basis. From varicose veins and weight loss treatments, to Botox, fillers and hair restoration, Dr. Shiloh is considered among the most experienced and knowledgeable interventional radiologists in the United States.

Now, he would like to share his wealth of knowledge—with fellow doctors and students—in an effort to help make private practice interventional radiology better all around.

With that, we’re pleased to announce that under the direction of Dr. Shiloh, SVAI now offers courses for physicians interested in interventional radiology. Read on to learn more.

Individual Courses

As well as group courses, Dr. Shiloh will give day long preceptorships to physicians interested in interventional radiology, or any of the services and treatments that he offers—like the varicose vein and hair restorations his Philadelphia area practice performs. The day-long courses will give candidates one-on-one access to Dr. Shiloh’s expertise, who will guide the student through extensive hands-on mentorships.

For those interested in learning about a treatment or procedure through an acutely detailed lens, the preceptorships are also available as 2-3 day long courses.

Group Courses/Starting a Vein Center 101

Group versions of the above offerings are also available, which will take place in more of a classroom-type setting.

Beyond your ability to competently perform the procedures, it takes a lot more to competently run a whole practice. Starting a Vein Center 101 will cover the business development end of things on top of treatment methodology. As well as the criteria involved in the group and individual courses, Starting a Vein Center 101 will go over the fundamentals of operating a successful practice from a business perspective.

Course Topics

  • Setting up and running a vein practice
  • Office management
  • Cosmetic sclerotherapy
  • Foam sclerotherapy
  • Phlebectomy
  • RF ablation
  • Ultrasound for the beginner or expert
  • Cosmetic IR (basics of Botox and fillers)
  • Using ultrasound for medical procedures
  • Social media for the physician

The program is a great fit for a variety of physicians (like surgeons, cardiologists, IR specialists, internal medicine and ER practitioners) who want to learn more about starting their own vein practice. Please touch base with us to sign up for a course or learn more. Dr. Shiloh and the staff at SVAI look forward to working with you!